About Us

Au Courant Technological Services

Over the last two decades, the building construction industry in India has evolved in to one of the fastest growing innovators. What was considered as impossible to perceive or build, now stares us in the eye. The market demands that the technology used should make buildings look unique, build quicker, and help builders achieve the ever evolving high performance requirements. In addition to this, consumers are now well versed with the latest offerings in the world and the demand for similar products and services is on top of their wish list.

While we continue to construct unique buildings with the intention to satisfy end user needs and have the right product on technical performances, we also learn about new challenges faced in construction engineering; be it big or small. While solutions for these issues faced are available in the world, the technical know-how and product availability of this is not easily available in India. Moreover all these solutions can be quite expensive.

With this in mind, Au Courant Technological Services was formed with the concept of feeding and linking the building and construction industry with International resources. Focusing primarily on facade and fenestration, security, energy conservation and lifestyle products, we aim to provide our clientele with updated trends in various products and services in the industry. Through this, we make sure the market benchmarked needs are met and surpassed.

Our 20 plus years of experience in the building and construction industry in India and association with international companies and professionals has helped Au Courant Technological Services specialize in identifying and solving current issues faced as well as issues that may arise in the future. We have also developed a strong network of service providers and users, who help us in understanding the market needs and conceptualizing solutions to meet these needs.

Through our innovative business model, we act as an extended arm for the world-renowned companies who are experts in their specific industry helping them have a strong presence in India. We are also heavily involved in educating the industry support teams of architects, developers and end users on the product specific requirements and parameters on need and availability of the same.

We also ensure that cost effective international quality products and services are made easily available. This is done by providing local manufacturers and the support segment industry with the required technology and support to upgrade to the required performance norms. For end user satisfaction quality audits are carried out at all levels of the process and certification is provided for their all products and services.

We, at Au Courant Technological Services, always work towards introducing technologies that help deliver the best products in the country. Armed with the know-how, experience and the right strategic partnerships, we continue to work towards making the impossible a reality.